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How did the purple pumpkin project start?

While on a drive through Connecticut one Sunday morning with his family, founder Ron Lamontagne was brainstorming ideas on how to spread epilepsy awareness. The local pumpkin patch provided the solution. Since kids would soon be carving and decorating pumpkins, he thought why not make one purple and tell people about epilepsy when asked, “Why is your pumpkin purple?”

Why is Ron’s pumpkin purple?

Although Ron has been outspoken about the challenges his son faces, many people still choose to keep their seizures private. By raising awareness, Ron hopes to support those people and increase overall awareness of epilepsy. Ron’s youngest son was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2009 at the age of four. Since the diagnosis, Ron has seen how epilepsy impacted his son. Although he appears like an average kid on the surface, his son has experienced major challenges academically, physically and socially. Additionally, the misperceptions and fear about epilepsy have impacted relationships in the family.

Make a Difference with your Purple Pumpkin

This year, we invite you to paint your pumpkin purple and display it outside your home through November 30 to help us raise awareness in communities everywhere. Make sure to register and setup your online fundraising page, as well as be prepared to share epilepsy basics and facts when people ask "why is your pumpkin purple?"