Create Your Own!

Do-It-Yourself Non-Athletic Event

Host an Event!

  • Dinner party at your home – instead of asking guests to bring a dish, ask them to make a donation. Take the dinner opportunity to talk about epilepsy the need for treatment and awareness.

  • Happy Hour – Ask your local popular bar if you could host a happy hour at their bar, ask them to donate appetizers and offer special prizes. Invite your friends and ask them for a donation at the door. You can get creative as ask the bar to have a signature cocktail in which all or a portion of the proceeds go towards your fundraising for an agreed upon amount of time.

  • Birthday Party- This year instead of collecting birthday presents, ask people to donate to the Epilepsy Foundation instead. You can even host a Virtual Birthday Party and collect donations via a Facebook Fundraiser!

  • Wedding Gifts – On your wedding website and add your fundraising page to your registry links and ask people to make donations in lieu of gifts. Or add a card and envelop at each place setting and ask people to consider making a donation in celebration of your wedding.

  • More information about Hosting an Event here (coming soon!).​

Casual for a Cause

  • Have your office or school dress down day for one day to raise awareness and funds for epilepsy! More information about Casual for a Cause here (coming soon!).

Sell Something for a cure!

  • There are many ways you can make a buck or two to help make a difference in the lives of people living with epilepsy. You can donate proceeds from something you make and sell, host a car wash, have a yard sale- Check our out tips here, bake sale and so much more. More information about Hosting your own sale here (coming soon!).

Point of Purchase Sales

  • Have a local business opt to accept donations on your behalf, or ask customers to round up to the nearest dollar! Each individual who partakes will get featured in the store. More information about Point of Purchase Sales here (coming soon!).



  • Are you interested in running a marathon, organizing a softball or volleyball tournament or challenge yourself to Hike a big mountain?  Athletes vs. Epilepsy is where you can use your unique athletic abilities to make a difference, think outside of the box and create your own fundraiser tailored to your sport! More information on Do-It-Yourself Athletic Events here.