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Set Your Fundraiser Up for Success

Joining Athletes vs. Epilepsy is more than just raising essential dollars for the epilepsy community, it's about spreading awareness and educating your community about epilepsy. We want to help lead you to have the greatest impact you can have, no matter what that may look like. Because every dollar raised and every person reached brings us closer to our mission. We've compiled a handful of resources below to help lead you to success! Take a look.


Fundraising Tips for Success Guide

Once you have your event idea and fundraising page setup, you can use the tips found in our Fundraising Tips for Success Guide to help take your fundraiser to the next level. Some quick tips to get started:

  • Set a fundraising goal and make your own contribution to show your dedication to the cause. You can always adjust your fundraising goal later on!
  • Share your story and why you are fundraising for the Epilepsy Foundation. Your personal connection to the cause will help inspire others, and also help them feel a connection to the epilepsy community.
  • Get active on social media by sharing your fundraiser on your personal channels to get the word out. It's also easy to connect your fundraising page to your Facebook account right from your Participant Center after registering!

Not sure how you would like to fundraise?

Any athletic event or activity can be part of Athletes vs. Epilepsy! Whether you are committing yourself to doing yoga everyday for a month, training for a marathon or biking 100 miles, anyone can join! You can find a list of other fundraising ideas here.

Need help setting up a successful fundraiser?

Use this timeline and task list to help sort out details for your fundraiser! This will help you plan for a successful fundraiser and think through some of the basics for setting up an in-person or virtual fundraiser. 

The Impact of a Dollar

With every dollar raised you are making a difference.

The impact of your dollar goes a long way at the Epilepsy Foundation. Nearly 83 cents of every dollar donated to the Epilepsy Foundation is spent on research, education and community outreach. You can read more about how your donation is spent here. 

Fundraising Email Templates

Use the below templates to help spread the word about your fundraiser!

How to Create a Fundraising Team

Are you looking to start a fundraising team? You can find resources and tips for starting a successful fundraising team here!



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