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Welcome to my fundraising webpage!

For my Bar Mitzvah project, I have chosen to support the Epilepsy foundation. This cause is very near and dear to me because one my closest family friends, Jackson Leyden, was diagnosed with intractable Epilepsy at the age of 8. Over the last 10 years, Jackson and his parents have faced many challenges, including countless seizures that have all impacted him greatly. But through all of the fear and worry, they have not given up on trying to improve his quality of life. My original idea was to host a “Jog for Jackson'' fun run to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation. But because of Covid, this was not possible. In place of this, I will be running laps every day for the thirty days prior to my Bar Mitzvah in honor of Jackson. I am asking you to help me by donating to this cause. Thank you for your generosity to support Jackson and the many other people that are affected by this horrible disease.