Running 500 Miles from Canadian Border to La Crosse, Wisconsin Raising money for Athletes Vs Epilepsy

 Three years ago I was on a mission to find my health routine groove, which I have come to realize is just an ongoing journey not a destination.

I began the practice of yoga and picked up ultra running as two hobbies. As most people have experienced when doing a challenging workout, I had sore muscles, and really sore feet from trail running. I was told to use Epsom salt, I used a variety of the standard store kinds, but was curious what it was like to use ‘the best’ Epsom salt. Which led me to start Savasana Epsom.

Thinking about who we can help out the most long-term, and create the greatest positive impact is why we have chosen to support the Epilepsy Foundation and raise money on behalf of its Athletes vs. Epilepsy. After speaking with the Epilepsy Foundation last year, and learning more about what it is like being an athlete living with the challenges of epilepsy and knew it was a cause I was eager to be a part of.

Our goal is to raise $3000 starting February 2nd when I begin the run in Grand Portage, MN on the Canadian border Bridge and ending in La Crosse, WI. 

The plan in place is 12 days, averaging 45 Miles per day, staying at an Air BnB each night taking a bath with my company's epsom salt product while documenting the entire journey.