Triplets in Training - Bianca Pucci, Cara Massey and Dina Tarro (

Triplets in Training - Bianca Pucci, Cara Massey and Dina Tarro ("Gallo Triplets")

2020 TCS New York City Marathon

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It’s that time of year - we mean decade again… and it’s a big one! The “Gallo Triplets” will be turning 60 on November 5th and, to honor our 60 years together, we are going to embark on a new birthday challenge… our third and most challenging one yet - the NYC Marathon!  Many of you know that, when we turned 50, we participated in a sprint triathalon to support  the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and raised over $7,500 to help fund a cure for blood cancers. The generous financial and emotional support of our friends and family was overwhelming. Not only did it help us cross the finish line but, more importantly, it reminded the three of us how blessed we are to have each other - and you! 

Five  years later, we took on another birthday challenge – a 40 mile bike ride in the hills of central Florida to support Camp Boggy Creek founded by Paul Newman and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf to provide a medically safe camp environment for seriously ill children and their families. Again, with your generous support, our team was able to raise  over $3,000 and prove, once again, that adversity is no match when battling for those who are less fortunate. 

This year, as we approach 60, we are facing this significant milestone on many levels. We feel  truly blessed that the three of us have remained in good health and physically active to enjoy our lives together and that our bond, as triplets, is very special. Our brother Al, however, has not been as blessed, suffering from epilepsy and psoriatic arthritis, forcing him to stop work as a highly skilled computer programmer and become dependent upon  pain  pills and anti-seizure medications with terrible debilitating side effects. In support of Al,  we have joined the team of Athletes vs. Epilepsy, as our most personal challenge to date, and will be running this year’s NYC marathon being held on November 1, 2020 (which currently remains on schedule notwithstanding COVID-19) to raise funds for the National Epilepsy Foundation. 

The hardship  we faced during our triathalon as 3-4-foot ocean swells pummeled our faces was punishing.   The burn we faced in our quads pedaling up Thrill Hill, one of the steepest elevations in Florida, was brutal and, in November, the physical and mental toll we will endure, after training for the most difficult endeavors in sports, is daunting, But this challenge is nothing compared to those faced by Al and others who  suffer from the physical and lifestyle changes brought on by Epilepsy, including the inability to work, drive and live a life free of seizures. We hope that our goal to run the NYC marathon and the funds we raise will help bring awareness to their plight,  improve medicines to control seizures with less debilitating side effects, and eventually find a cure for the 3.4 million people in the United States who struggle with this debilitating disease.  

We appreciate that in the midst of  COVID-19 it is difficult to fundraise when many  are suffering from loss of income, and tragically, in the most terrible cases,  loss of family members and friends who have succumbed to the virus. As such, any amount you can give to help charities like the National Epilepsy Foundation that have been hit hard by reduced funding will be so greatly appreciated. 

We are triplets in training… We are empowered … We are ready for our biggest challenge yet! 

We look forward to sharing our experience with you all as we train together again. Thank you in advance for your support.

All our love and gratitude

Bianca, Cara and Dina