Kids Crew Pins
Earn Themed Pins When Completing Activities!

When you join the Crew and participate throughout the year, you will earn themed pins for the activities you complete. There are eight themes including Athletes vs Epilepsy, Act of Kindness, Created Awareness, Educated Others, Advocated For Change, Walked Together, Purple Pumpkin Project, and Lemonade for Livy.

World Changer Award

If you collect all 8 themed pins in one calendar year, you will earn the World Changer Award! This is a very special recognition and means you have done a lot to learn about epilepsy, help your community, and give back. Do you have what it takes to be a world changer? Get started today by using our planning calendar to organize when you will earn each pin.

*All World Changer awards are given out after December 31st

Click here for the pin planning calendar

When You Complete An Activity

When you are done with an activity, have a parent send an email to to tell us what you did. If you raised money for an activity and have a fundraising page, please email the web address for your page. In the email, please have them include:

  • What pin you have earned
  • The date you earned it
  • Two to three sentences about what you have done
  • Pictures if you would like to send them
  • How many people you spoke to or were at an event you held, such as, if you educated your class, the number of classmates and teachers that were there 

*Only one pin can be earned per activity, per year, for example, if you teach your class about epilepsy and also create awareness while you teach, only the Educating Others pin will be awarded. You must be a registered Kids Crew member first before completing an activity to earn a pin.

When you receive your pins, you can add them to your Kids Crew lanyards. We look forward to seeing you making a difference and to your lanyard covered with pins!

Activities in which you can participate:


Athletes vs Epilepsy Kids Crew Pin

Athletes vs Epilepsy - Do you participate in sports? Do you want to eat healthy and get active? Now you can earn the new Athletes vs Epilepsy Kids Crew pin by completing an activity that is a part of the Athletes vs Epilepsy 10-Day Challenge program. The challenge encourages kids to be more active and make better food choices. Athletes vs. Epilepsy is a program for athletes, coaches, volunteers, and fans to raise awareness and funds to help the Epilepsy Foundation support people all over the country. The initiative brings awareness to sports through participation by athletes of all ages and skill levels as well as their supportive friends, family, and fans. For more in formation about the 10-Day Challenge and to print the form that needs to be completed, please click here.




Act of Kindness Pin

Kindness Toward Others - It is up to each of us to be kind to others especially those who need some extra help. Do something nice for a person (kid or adult) who has epilepsy or who is taking care of someone with epilepsy. Try completing a project for a bunch of people with epilepsy; that’s even better! Some ideas are to paint a picture with an inspiring message and deliver it to the person, make cards to take to hospitals for kids being treated for epilepsy, or make a meal for a family going through a difficult time with seizures. To earn your Act of Kindness pin, complete your activity and tell us what you did. Pictures are always great!




Created Awareness Pin

Creating Awareness - When you create awareness, you help people to better understand epilepsy and seizures. Many people don't even know what epilepsy is or how many people have it. You can spread awareness during the year by holding your own purple themed event at school, at a party, or at a sporting event and giving out epilepsy facts. There are a few times throughout the year when people around the country and the world make a big effort to tell people about epilepsy. Some of them are International Epilepsy Awareness Day on the second Monday of February, Epilepsy Awareness Day on March 26th, and Epilepsy Awareness Month in November.  After creating awareness, we will send you the Created Awareness pin.




Educated Others Pin

Educating Others - Ask your teacher if you can talk to your class about epilepsy. Most kids are open to learning. If they see you have a seizure, they may be scared. Some may even try to bully you. But if you talk to them and teach them about epilepsy, you will help them understand what a seizure is, what some of the causes are, and what to do and what not to do if they see someone having a seizure. You can also tell your classmates how epilepsy has affected your life. If your brother or sister, friend, or parent has epilepsy, one of the most important things you can do for them is to make sure other kids know about epilepsy. As they get older, they will be more informed and more accepting. To receive the digital education presentation materials, please send an email to us at When you educate your class, the Educated Others pin is yours.



Advocated For Change

Advocate For Change -  The Shared My Story pin is now the Advocated for Change pin. Advocacy means the act or process of supporting a cause or plan. To earn this new pin, we are asking that you contact your state or federal legislators. Legislators are the people who pass laws in your state and across the country. You can write them a letter, call them, or visit them or one of their staff members in person. When you reach out to them, you can write or talk about the government giving more money to epilepsy research and programs or passing laws that will help the epilepsy community. This is a great way to stand up for many other kids and adults who are dealing with seizures.



Walked Together Pin

Walking Together - Going to a local walk or the Walk to END EPILEPSY® is a wonderful way to help support the epilepsy community. You can join a walk team or start your own team. Then, walk to change lives, bring hope and find a cure. For more information about the Walk to End Epilepsy, please click here. To find your local Epilepsy Foundation and ask about a walk, please click here. Attend a walk and you will cross the finish line on your way to the Walked Together pin.





Purple Pumpkin Project Pin

Purple Pumpkin Project - Get your friends together and paint your pumpkins purple. Then put them out for people to see and if someone asks why your pumpkin is purple, tell them your story or some facts about epilepsy. It is a fun and creative way to spread epilepsy awareness. For more information about the Purple Pumpkin Project, please click here. When you paint your pumpkins purple in the Fall, we will send you a sweet treat, the Purple Pumpkin Project pin.





Lemonade for Livy Pin

Lemonade for Livy - This activity is one you can do all year long that raises money to support the Epilepsy Foundation. It is a great way for you to get involved and hold lemonade stands and lemon themed parties to help find a cure. For more information about Lemonade for Livy or to register, please click here. After holding your event and depositing your funds to your Lemonade for Livy fundraising page, we will quench your thirst for more pins with the Lemonade for Livy pin. All funds must be deposited to your fundraising page to earn your Lemonade for Livy pin.