Ready to get started?

Once you've registered, you can log-in to your fundraising page for tons of resources such as: flyers, social media toolkits, fundraising ideas and tools, and so much more! Below are some ideas to help you Make a Stand Against Epilepsy! 

A few lemonade stand Ideas:
  • Host an in-person lemonade stand - customize this flyer and use your fundraising page to share details about your stand (date, time, etc.).
  • Ask your friends and family to adopt a lemon and donate to your fundraising page!
  • When hosting your lemonade stand, share epilepsy facts.
  • Make sure to thank your donors - you can use these Thank You Card Templates to do so!
Are you a Brain Boss?

Let’s show epilepsy who's boss! Individuals that go above and beyond and raise $1,000 or more will join the Brain Boss Club, and receive special incentives reserved for Brain Boss members only. This year, Brain Boss members will receive an exclusive Brain Boss sticker, an Epilepsy Foundation - branded portable speaker and special recognition on social media!

Plus, make your fundraiser stand out by earning our Lemonade for Livy badges! When you reach certain milestones, like achieving Brain Boss status, you'll receive a Lemonade for Livy badge. Every badge you earn will be proudly displayed on your fundraising page to show the impact you are making. 

Get Social!

Make lemonade and post your pictures.  Be sure to tag us on Facebook using @EpilepsyFoundationofAmerica and @epilepsyfdn on Instagram and Twitter.  Don’t forget to use #LemonadeforLivy! You can find social media post and graphics templates in the Resources section of your Participant Center after you sign up!

How to get started with your fundraising:
  • Login to your Participant Center and tell your story! Customize your Personal Page with why you are making a stand against epilepsy, set a fundraising goal, and more.
  • Kick-start your fundraising today and make a self-pledge towards your fundraising goal. Show your donors you are passionate about the cause, and they’ll do the same. Use this Donation Form to track any offline donations.
  • Send emails from your Participant Center to friends, family and beyond, asking for support. You can use the templated emails found in your Participant Center or write your own!
  • Use the Create a Facebook Fundraiser feature available through your Participant Center. Easily connect your social accounts for seamless updates as you progress! Get your Facebook Fundraiser set up by following this How-To Guide, and find answers to FAQs here.
  • Livestream and fundraise your lemonade making activities by connecting your Twitch or YouTube channel. It’s easy to connect your Participant Center to your streaming channels and fundraise for the cause – more information found here.
  • Your donations can go even further with a matching gift! Many employers offer programs to match charitable contributions made by their employees. Check if your employer offers a matching gift here